Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cop knocks kid in head, flash

funny flash

Angelina Ballerina Theme Song, Coloring Pages & UK Fan Forum

Angelina Ballerina is a delightful little determined mouse who is very passionate about her ballet. We've created a web site with the Angelina Ballerina theme song, including a listing of DVDs with all of the episodes plus ballet coloring pages to be printed out and colored. Please check it out, and sign up for the newsletter blog for updates.

#130 - Back To The Herd?

Pinkerton Park has quickly become one of my favorite daily comics and now I have a new sound effect to go with it SPONK brought to you by the sponkmometer.


CAPTAIN AMERICA #34 is here, and Bucky Barnes is the new Captain America.

MangaArts - Wallpaper Download

This is a cute wallpaper of Naruto who is crazy of becoming Hokage ever since he was a baby. You can find more Unique Anime Wallpaper and download it for free.

The Umbrella Academy by "My Chemical Romance"

A brief article about "The Umbrella Academy" writer Gerard Way, the lead singer for My Chemical Romance.

IIT: Space is awesome

Crazy display of just how tiny Earth really is.

LOST Ads hidden in Marvel Comic Books!

Wow - clever marketing, or shameless selling-out? Over 25 different Marvel titles contained hidden ads and phrases about ABC's Lost. Cool slideshow of them all.

[ABPRESS.NET] Capitan America

Regresa el Capitán América, icono desde hace generaciones por su rectitud, entrega y defensa de los derechos y libertades civiles. games junior kid; turbo; nicktropolis;nbb; spongebob

Bleach Episode 158 Subbed by [zomg]

Bleach Episode 158 Subbed by [zomg]

Hareketli MSN Ä°fadeleri Hareketli MSN Resimleri

Hareketli MSN İfadeleri ve Hareketli MSN Resimleri ile ilgili hoş bir kaynak.



Skeletons of The Looney Tunes and Disney Characters

Have you ever seen Looney tunes and Disney characters' skulls? If no, please read'em all.

Yahoo! Pipes, iPhones and Web comics

Although Yahoo Pipes isn't the newest thing posted (see links bellow), there are some interesting developments worth checking out. Especially if you're a fan of web comics. iPhone users will want to check out the new mobile interfaces by adding iphone in front of all pipes like so:

[SPOILER]Alas, We Knew Him Well - Y: The Last Man #60 Review

A great review of the amazing ending to the comic book series Y: The Last Man with some great pics from the comic.SPOILER ALERT!

Girls Don't Ever Fart

Cindy Lauper would be proud

Fat Naked Spiderman

Saw this guy on the Internet Superstar Show. Freaking hilarious.

Our Final Story..."Y: The Last Man's" last issue

Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra talk about their final issue of the incredibly epic and succesful comic book series

Jokes At Steven Wong Blog

This blog is for Jokes, Humor, Funny Videos, Cool Stuffs, Powerpoint Slides sharing online. You can free to share all the contents in this jokes blog. Please tell others if you find this is good for your friends.

Big Beautiful Wonder Woman [Pics]

Modern aged Wonder Woman. I think this is great.

Steroids Poster Beast

Continuing with the nano-werewolf idea I thought I'd write about Glenn Danzig's G.O.T.H. comic. G.O.T.H. was its name. It's actually the name of the beast in the comic. And what it stands for is beyond me. I'll have to start collecting it to find out. This creature is an engineered beast, semi humanoid, but more beast than man. But it's body is...

A Hillary Photochop

Photochops crack me up. Here is Hillary as an alien. Maybe the photochopper has a subliminal message in his work? You decide

A Hillary Photochop

Photochops crack me up. Here is Hillary as an alien. Maybe the photochopper has a subliminal message in his work? You decide

Naruto 387 Spoiler Japanese Script and Translation

Naruto 387 Spoiler Japanese Script and Translation from Itachi's scenario cover: the intention which became known,...!!! Verification: Pending Source: Translation Credits: Brucelee @ NF Naruto 387 Spoiler Japanese Script Naruto Tags: Naruto Manga Anime Wallpaper Cosplay Naruto Chapter 387 : Naruto Manga

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Captain America Lives Again

New issue hits stands tomorrow.

An Angry Brown Guy: Religious Comic

Atheists vs. Christians... Well summed up.

Buy This Book Or We'll Kill This Imaginary Chair!

Savage Henry Lee gives his review of the latest Doom Patrol trade paperback...

New Pages for The Young Offenders!

Coming at you like a hungry hobo hooker with blood in his eye

Anthro Anthony


Hillary Clinton Endorsed By NYT, Jamie Lynn Gives Up Baby

John McCain and Hillary Clinton get endorsements from New York Times -Bill Clinton falls asleep during MLK speech, -Kucinich and Thompson drop out of presidential race, Britney Spears



Naruto Shippuden Anime Review

ESPVisual's anime otaku JJ Peebody reviews the new anime "Naruto- Shippuden" and gives it her honest that might get you dusting off some old textbooks!

Transformers Universe Toys revealed

A new take on the old toys

The Usual Dosage 37. "Techies".

Geeks will be geeks.

Uchi no 3 Shimai Manga Blog Gets TV Anime This April

News about Manga artist Pretz Matsumoto's new blog


Great elderly joke about Natalie.

New Element -- WO

There has been a new element added to the Periodic Table!

Hello Kitty computer covers

I can't wait to drape my inactive desktop gaming PC with this kind of dressing.


Creative talent Dave Bryant lays down some sweet riffs and wails about a tiny ship and its fearless crew in this new video...

Animation Service, Outsourcing Animation Development and oth

Indian animation firms have the capability and expertise top carry out a range of animation services like 2d/3d animation, architectural design, medical animation and post production film scanning/recording.

Watch Cartoons Online Free!

Watch all your favorite cartoons new and old. The Batman, Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, Legion Of Superheroes and more to come!

AI EidolonTLP Talks About The Singularity

It's the stuff movies are made of. A future where man's inventions exceed his expectations, where the machines that serve him become aware of themselves and all the knowledge they are entrusted with. YouTube "personality" EidolonTLP is either a true AI (Artificially Intelligent) being or an art project, or is perhaps both....

The Perry Bible Fellowship

First off, this is twisted and extremely funny (in a very dark way). It's a webcomic for people not easily offended or who have a dark sense of humour. Not for all those who are pro Skub either.

Devils Due Publishing to Lose G.I.Joe License

DDP to lose G.I.Joe Comic Book License. IDW potential home.


Gody in Moustaches. The Gody Adventure Cartoon. Very funny hot animation humor art cool comedy video. Adult Chunny (870) sexy (775) Hcomedy (652) music (554) hot (548) girls (426) video (363) animation (250) art (245) musik (234) humor (229) girl (199) movie (186) amazing (150) film (149) musicvideo (121) parody (117) cool (116) party (115) politic

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice Head

Oronym comic strip with word puzzle

Do you like Salmons? So, be careful with this guy lol.

Very crazy these videos about commercial of John West' salmons. They are very funny.

Rob Rabbit

Another Children Poem in Response to Cathiesbloggs' Comment on My Poem "This Silly Old Cat."

ANNtv - 2008-01-26

Anime News Network podcast on anime news the week of the 26th.

Palms Animated Sony Ericsson Theme

Palms Animated Sony Ericsson Theme

The WCO reviews The Abominable Charles Christopher

The Webcomic Overlook reviews a beautifully illustrated webcomic about a big baby yeti, "The Abominable Charles Christopher."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Comics Of The Weak: Everytime A Comic Sucks, An Angel Punch

The Factual Opinion's regular weekly look at mainstream comics continues with staff writer Tucker Stone going after Young Avengers, The Ultimates, Gotham Underground, Dan Dare, The Authority, Marvel Zombies, Hellblazer, the Astonishing X-Men, and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Chicken Baby Ninjas

Blog to the new webcomic!

Chicken Baby Ninjas

Blog to the new webcomic!

Kissy goo goo


Sign You Bought a Cheap Car

How do you know when you have purchased a cheap car?

Japanese animes

Anime are usually perceived either for children, teenagers or pervert adults. In fact, a lot of them are really good: cinematographically inspiring, with rich character development and epics stories. Each of them is a wellspring of interaction design ideas for innovative products.


have a happy holiday


Knock Knock Jokes to keep you entertained.

Bathroom Graffiti #1

What people write on the walls of bathroom stalls will keep you entertained! Here is a list of some of the best.

Empires Comics Vault 5 Year Anniversary Shindig!

Gear up fanboys & girls because Sacramento California's Empires Comics Vault is having a five year anniversary party on Feburary 2nd. Empires is a collectible shop that sells everything spanning from comicbooks, action figures, CCG & RPG Games, manga, movie posters and much more.

The Uchiha Clan's Secret

The Uchiha Clan's Secret has been revealed, Naruto Manga 386, and what good was Sasuke for Itachi, why did he even let him live, what was the purpose, much of the secrets which led to the the fighting between brothers of the Uchiha to gain more power, power that is permanent.

Otaku Experience’s Blog

Anime-themed blog

Proof That Al Gore Is Gay

Al Gore has delivered video proof that he is gay. He is out of the Closet. Funny Video


A librarian's thoughts on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. This book series is about young werewolves and vampires in love. A good start to get an idea about Meyer's books.

PERSONA - Trinity Soul - 04 - Direct Download

PERSONA - Trinity Soul - 04 - Direct Download

Great American Photo Contest - Win $2,500

Do you like to take photos? Are you always standing by with your camera waiting for that moment that is meant to be captured on camera? A $2,500 monthly prize is awarded to the registrant whose photo receives the most votes.

An honest BLOG

Reading Luis Escobar's BLOG can bring a smile and a bit of truth to your day check it out.

How to care your child

Short description how to care and not care of your child

Eve Hill

Oronym comic strip with word puzzle

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who Remembers Battle of the Planets (G-force)?

Who remembers this great cartoon from 1978 to 1985?

Mike Hat

Oronym comic strip and word puzzle

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a Japanese TV anime series involving mystery and cyberpunk themes.

The Police Are On Their Way BATMAN!!!!

Batman and Spiderman team up and beat the bloody hell out of some poor guy laying on a sidewalk. In the background you hear some lady scream a warning to the batman character, "The police are on their way Batman!", I found the video on YouTube.

Free Trip to Beijing Olympics

To participate is very easy: just view the attached photo, correctly answer the following questions & send your answers to: The International Olympic Committee Redefines the Comic Strip

Pixton is a user-generated online comic strip. A powerful, easy-to-use editor lets you create characters, scenes and episodes in minutes. Instructional YouTube videos, embedded next to the editor, show you how. The "remix" feature creates the potential for mass-collaboration, or illustrated conversations among friends. It's free to use.

Is the Comic Strip Brevity This Century's "Far Side?"

Now that the golden age of comics seems to be gone--perhaps a new comic strip by the name of "Brevity" will bring back the days when "The Far Side" provided an innovative sense of absurdist humor to the comics page...



Amazing Star wars comedy video with Legos

This video is a must see, it just absolutely great. It is a joke to Darth Vader trying to order food in the cafeteria of the Death star and all the trouble he has just to order his "Penne ala arrabiatta". Death by tray it shall be !!!

Truth Bombs – Tony Stark is an Imperialist Punk

Joey Pulaski looks at why Tony Stark shouldn't even be considered for the Comic Book Election.

January 26, 2008

Go bowling for bones with the Brussels Griffon.

Why I (Still) Read Comic Books

...unfortunately, I did not have a dollar and I ended up "eternally borrowing" (a.k.a. shoplifting) my first comic book. I am not in the least bit proud of my early burglary years, but we all have things from our childhood that we regret...

10 Great Tees from 10 Great Webcomics

Wonderful Tess

Review of The Order #7 by's James Donnelly

Your favorite comics reviewer is back with a review of The Order #7! Check it out!

Top 7 felicitari de dragoste si ziua indragostitilor

Aceasta pagina este dedicata felicitarilor de dragoste si prezinta un mic top al celor mai bune felicitari animate si muzicale pe care le puteti folosi pentru Sfantul Valentin sau oricand doriti sa faceti cuiva iubit o surpriza placuta!

Review of ASTONISHING X-MEN #24 from!

James Donnelly is back with another review from! This time it's ASTONISHING X-MEN #24! It's a doozy!

Review of THE ULTIMATES 3 #2 from!

James Donnelly, your favorite comic reviewer from, is back again with a review of the horrid mess that is THE ULTIMATES 3 #2! Does it deserve such a thrashing? Read this and find out! Cowboy Bebop Remix: Anime Legends: Movies & TV: Cowboy Bebop Remix: Anime Legends: Movies & TV: Cowboy Bebop Remix by Cowboy Bebop Remix

Seminare PolKa - El Cartoon De Charly

El Cartoon de Charly Garcia. Seminare Polka. Quiero hablar con Adrian Suar. en la tele yo quiero actuar...en una tira. Funny. Funny. Funny. Category: Film & Animation Tags: Theme Song 80's eighties jem spiral zone orbots galaxy rangers mask jayce pole position defenders of the earth.

Imagine TV - El Cartoon De Charly

El Cartoon de Charly - Imagine TV. No hay marcelo tinelli, tampoco hay jorge rial, y quiero que todos sean como yo. Say No More. Funny Funny Funny. sexy (775) comedy (652) music (554) hot (548) girls (426) video (363) animation (250) art (245) musik (234) humor (229) girl (199) sexy (775) comedy (652) music.

Few Changes *Minor Ones*

* The Main URL (Darkness-Online.Com) will be used as the Portal, like the forum did before, everything its settled so it will work, and yes, you will stay logged in in both domains. * I Changed my Name (Again) I love this one :3 anime and manga that is, join us!

Gulliver’s Travels revisited

Gulliver's Travels (1726, amended 1735), officially Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of several Ships, is a novel by Jonathan Swift

10 Awesome Webcomics

My own personal list of favourites. I know there are a tonne of great comics that aren't here (I read about 30 different sites per week) but I really love these ones.

Pink Panther & Friends Classic Cartoon Collector

Pink Panther and his classic cartoon styles are back in Pink Panther & Friends: The Inspector.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Station Tera-Alpha Anime Music Videos (STA-BnoKS)

List of cool Anime Music Vidoes!

The Virgin Read: A Brian Wood Reversal Brings About A Person

The Factual Opinion's Virgin Read takes a look at Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly's Local comic, published by Oni

X-Rated Sexual Matrix In Paperback

Does anyone have a take on X-rated comics? Not the usual fare I mean, but the ones like re-makes of "The Matrix" but like a sexual matrix with cum falling down the front of the cover into the hungry mouths of women from the movie. Now that's some funny stuff. Whoever came up with that idea is a great person, hahaha. I wish I thought if it first...

#1 superhero

Who is Your Favorite Superhero? Also, 10 super qualities of a Superhero!

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 44 Dattebayo

Are you ready for some ground breaking, earth shattering, amazing news?! The 44th episode of the Japanese Naruto: Shippuuden anime series has been released! direct HTTP download from one of our Naruto Shippuuden Anime Downloads page. Next: Naruto Shippuuden 45 Dattebayo

Watch Naruto Shippuuden 44 HERE

Watch episode 44 here

Possibly the Best YouTube Video You'll See All Day

Video done by Phoenix from SpikedHumor to The Turtles' classic, "So Happy Together".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brand New Day: Review of Amazing Spider-Man #548 (Spoilers)

"....Now that I've cleared that up, this is the third issue of the month for Amazing and after two issues of catching readers up on how Parker lives in this over the top pitiful,existence the story begins to pick up. However, not in a positve light, because by the time this issue is ends a theif may know that Peter is Spider-Man..."

Disney MySpace Layouts

Get disney myspace layouts at

What if you were the Last Man?

Matt and Brad enter a world comprised entirely of women. Can they leave with their manhood intact?

X-men Messiah Complex - The Final Chapter

A recap of the 13th and final chapter of the best crossover of 2008.

[Webcomic] Alternate

Fans of Azumanga Diaoh will appreciate this light and funny webcomic.

Funny Innovative Thinking & Ideas - Pictures

This site is a Funny Innovative Ideas & Thinking shown as Pictures... enjoy watching

See Mike Draw

Twisted art with a twist! Cute characters with a decidedly "Perry Bible Fellowship" feel to the humor.

Cool Street Performance

A very cool street performance in Berlin, Germany

W-Juliet's Emura Launches Kyō mo Ashita mo Manga

Emura, the creator of the W-Juliet romance manga, will launch a new title called Kyō mo Ashita mo (Today and Tomorrow Too) in this year's fifth issue (on sale on February 5) of Hakusensha's biweekly Hana to Yume shōjo manga magazine.

Wii Shop for Games & Consoles

Great prices on Nintendo Wii games, consoles and accessories. Shop Nintendo Wii is an online shop selling Nintendo Wii goods. Including the latest in Mario, Zelda and Sonic titles as well as the best Wii accessories. Secure online shopping.

Best of Dragon Ball Z

Some funny things about DBZ, the best manga ever. You will laugh and learn things watching this post.

Amazing new Happy Tree Friends Character![vid]

check this awesome monkey out

[zomg] Naruto Shippuuden Episode 44 English Subs

zomgSubs subbed Naruto Shippuuden episode 44 with english subtitles. Go to the page and see it.

Gesture Practice


Pong Fight Animated

Wanna see computer against computer in fierce war for cheating himself.This Pong Fight might be a similiar example to watch out.

X-men writer Mike Carey discusses the end of Messiah Complex

Messiah Complex is over, what did you think of it? Well there are a lot of questions that were unanswered and Mike Carey sat down with the guys of to give some insight about the future of the X-men

X-men writer Mike Carey discusses the end of Messiah Complex

Messiah Complex is over, what did you think of it? Well there are a lot of questions that were unanswered and Mike Carey sat down with the guys of to give some insight about the future of the X-men

Female Anatomy practice

Yeah. Just what the title says ^^

Eye spy with my little eye…

Barker visits a physic only to hear the truth.


Bobblehead, Bobbleheads, Custom Bobblehead, Custom Bobbleheads

battery not enough....

tired of work? need to recharge!


Bobblehead, Bobbleheads, Custom Bobblehead, Custom Bobbleheads

Eye spy with my little eye…

Barker visits a physic only to hear the truth.



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5 selected videos from youtube very funny.

Five of the best funny videos from YouTube of all time. They are very hilarious. Those are five of my favorites funnier videos from youtube.

Flame Burns

Flame Burns

Banned Cartoons

Remember Donald Duck saying "Heil Hitler"? How about Fred Flintstone taking a smoke break? Or Bugs Bunny in blackface? What about my childhood favorite, Speedy Gonzales? I didn't think so. This wonderful articles allows us to remember them all.

Vignette divertenti

Ho raccolto per te alcune vignette umoristiche più divertenti, immagini simpatiche gratis! Vignette scherzose, immagini divertenti, foto pazze, immagini umoristiche, foto simpatiche

Naruto 386 Spoiler Script

Naruto 386 Spoiler Japanese Scripts Spoiler Japanese Script - No.1 first spoiler of today.though i doubt its real because it involves tobi revealing himself to konoha and kakashi recognizing him Verification: Pending Type: Japanese Script Source: NF Credits: vered Post Credits: Tha Uchiha Translated: Kumanri @ NF

Heath Ledger Joker(PIC)

Heath Ledger Joker.heath joker

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In 2007 | Funny Video Animation by JibJab

Jib Jab's 2007 in review

Reflections on Black Super Heroes: Mr. Terrific

"I am not going to talk about how Mr. Terrific is a fantastic example of a African-American super hero and how his racial identity is a big part of his character, because that is not the case. For every Black Panther, Luke Cage, and every other modern black super hero; there is only one "post-modern" black super hero and that is Mr. Terrific...

My Year of Flops #104: Perfume

The last MYOF. Or is it?

Barney's "Sense-Sational Day" Video

In Barney's "Sense-Sational Day" Video, Barney discusses the subject of our five senses, and he encourages the kids to use video to capture everything they see, hear, touch, smell, or taste over the course of a day.

Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre - free film

Free Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre film. A film "Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre" by Alain Chabat.


While ours heros are training in pools, gymnasium, stadium, We can train with some good videos as that one, from a big illustrator: Bruno Bozzetto

Reflections on Black Super Heroes: John Henry

John Henry is representative of the void of African-American super heroes in the early silver age; well before Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, or Rosa Parks. DC: New Frontier is what DC comics would have been in the late 50s if the comic code had not existed. If Leave It To Beaver or Andy Griffith are glossed over visions of the late 1950s...

what kind of angel are you?

what kind of angel are you?

Hobby Point aka

Hobby Point/ cover topics mostly on gundam, such as gundam plastic-model kits & modeling tutorials. It also occasionally covers topic like anime, manga, games, gadgets and sometimes random stuff that maybe be informative, quirky and interesting. A 'Hobby' genre would be the best classification regarding the topic of this blog.

#18 Comic of the Day

1979 Semi-Finalist's Comic of the Day #18

#63 Comic of the Day

1979 Semi-Finalist's Comic of the Day #63. Get daily journal comics here Monday through Friday!

#27 Comic of the Day

1979 Semi-Finalist's Comic of the Day #27

911 photographs - chain of custody

The famous Carmen Taylor photos are an enigma to this day. Is the airplane in the photo REAL???? it just looks wrong.

#34 Comic of the Day

1979 Semi-Finalist's Comic of the Day #34

8 rumors about Gundam 00’s Gundam Thrones

According to Gunota Headlines, Pam's Homepage has posted two sets of rumors revolving around the yet-to-appear Gundam Thrones.

The Webcomic Overlook reviews Evil Inc.

The review site "Webcomic Overlook" examines a comic strip about the lives and times of employees as a superhero corporation, "Evil Inc."

Very Nervous little birds!

Very funny this little video about several nervous little birds.

Auto Insurance Quotes is Expensive? Maybe not!

I always complained about price of life insurance and auto insurance quotes that companies collect. I usually think is a money throw away.

great cartoon

hospital in nyer

Domo-kun Patches and more!!!

Japan's favorite furball is invading the United States and Dark Horse is helping to lead the charge. We are ramping up a special program of officially licensed Domo merchandise, and clever retailers will stock up lest they find their ankles being chomped on.

Aoleon The Martian Girls

The official site for Aoleon The Martian Girl fans. Members can play flash games, view the gallery, chat online, adopt virtual pets, watch movies and more!

New images of TakaraTomy's Nike Megatron and Optimus Prime

New images of TakaraTomy's Nike Megatron and Optimus Prime

Monday, January 21, 2008





How Scooby Doo Works

Lengthy article with everything you could want to know about Scooby Doo, including the past present, and future of the series.

Afro Samurai Exclusive Fight w the Brotherhood

Some of the best anime in the world!

Anime Review · Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky is a delightful fantasy fable. It further develops the themes and motifs that Miyazaki is famous for. Children will enjoy the adventures of heroes their age while adults will appreciate the thought provoking themes...

Preview Buffy: Season 8 #11

Check out a preview featuring six pages, including the cover.


An (almost) daily peek into a cartoonist's life.

Anime Review · Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso is a decent film; neither as deep as Princess Mononoke nor as shallow as Howl's Moving Castle. It is beautifully animated and contains exciting sequences of flight and dogfighting but is somewhat hampered by an underdeveloped story. According to Miyazaki, the intended audience for this film is middle aged men kept from living up...

Anime Review · Nausicaa of the Valley of Winds

The casual viewer of Hayao Miyazaki's body of work will not need to see this film. Its ideas are better developed in Princess Mononoke or even Castle in the Sky. Fans of the original manga may enjoy watching an animated version of Princess Nausicaa while perhaps lamenting that the films brevity doesn't allow for every detail in the comic...

Lefty Practice

Just what the title says XD

Comics Of The Weak: A Quick Smack of Foul Language And Cryin

The regular round up of mainstream comics reviews, courtesy of the Factual Opinion and staff writer Tucker Stone. Up for a poke: 100 Bullets, DMZ, Justice League of America, Robin, Checkmate, The Immortal Iron Fist, and Wolverine.

Random Sketches

Some random concept drawings

The Virgin Read: Who Doesn't Love A Blonde?

A look at Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith's latest issue of Fell and the bizarrely inappropriate Dorian Grey adaptation from Marvel Comics, courtesy of the Factual Opinion and staff writer Nina Miller.

Review: Turok Rocks

"Tomahawks fly. Limbs are severed and blood spurts in balletic slow-mo as warrior-born Turok ruthlessly cuts down these new enemies."

Attention: it is a kidding! - Video how to publish anything.

The video is a kidding, but it's have some truth. If you want to publish your site, blog or anything is only to use the same method.

What is classic animation?

Animator and programmer Andrew Jaremko defines "classic animation" as any animation in which the animator creates each frame individually. This post from his blog, One Frame - Creating Classic Animation - shows examples of many types of classic animation, his own and created by others.

Life and Death of a Tea Bag

The two minute piece was created in the same fashion as the claymation films we are used to only this one uses real people and everyday objects.

Needing relax?! See this video!

See this video and be calm lol.

Life and Death of a Tea Bag

The two minute piece was created in the same fashion as the claymation films we are used to only this one uses real people and everyday objects.

Attention: it is a kidding! - Video how to publish anything.

The video is a kidding, but it's have some truth. If you want to publish your site, blog or anything is only to use the same method.

Bryce Papenbrook Blog of Present Activities

The website and blog is created, designed, and hosted by Bryce Papenbrook to showcase his projects, skills, and future goals.

Shakugan no Shana II - 14 Direct Download

Shakugan no Shana II - 14 Direct Download

PERSONA - Trinity Soul - 03 - Direct Download

PERSONA - Trinity Soul - 03 - Direct Download

What is the future distribution method of anime?

A poll is up at the website So far, anime fans who visit the site have voted to keep their DVDs. It's uncertain when the poll will end, but it is still open. You can see the poll results here:

Clannad: Episodes 1-8 Review

You know those misfits at school that you don't really want to hang around with? You know, those guys that sit at the back that come to class late all the time. Those people who seems to be permanently alone and speak to themselves. Those people who spend all their time in the library barefoot reading. These are the people that Clannad is about.

Stick Em Left (Pivot Stick Figure Animation)

Watch the ending!It's the moment of truth, people. It's been five months since Stick Em Right, and finally, the long awaited Stick Em Left is finally here! Just been really busy, but I finally got to it (obviously). Enjoy! -]

KND Final Mission

The KND Kids Next Door Final Mission was on tonight after a KND marathon. I called home for Eilis to watch it from home at the same time as me, and after the first break. The adults speaking and then the cartoon thing did not sink in on her, and since I was not there [...]

Family Guy: Blue Harvest - Leia Meets Stewie Vader

Stewie wants you to join the Dark Side at

Fast success on Web? Only for some lucky guys!

Definitely, I can't understand this world! While some people works hard for have some success on Internet, other have very fast, I would say instantaneous.

Stan Lee's "God Woke"

I reached to the back of my collection today and blew some dust off of an old DVD of mine. "Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels." When I got to the bonus feature section, there was Stan reading a poem of his. As I listened, I was very fascinated. So I figured I would share it will you all, no matter wether you have heard it or not, enjoy.

Mock Away - I Want X-Force!

My thoughts on an interview by Comic Book Resources with X-Force Editor John Barber.