Thursday, February 14, 2008

Naruto Shippuden episode 47

Naruto Shippuden episode 47 "Sneak in! Den of the poisonous snake" watch naruto shippuden online

Some paintings and inks for sale

Did I just say awesome?


hentai how to?

Sneak Peek at 'Batman: Gotham Knight'

Video sneak peek of BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT, the prequel anime to The Dark Knight.


I am a big supporter of DC's Vertigo line of comics. From Sandman to Preacher to Transmet, to The Invisibles and V for Vendetta, Vertigo comics have been the comics of my adult life. They kept me in comics when I outgrew simplistic superhero stories, and they continue to amaze, horrify, entertain, and enlighten me to this day.

Batman: Gotham Knight Video Sneak Peak

An inside look at Warner Bros. anime prelude to The Dark Knight.

Disney Movie Club is going to new places

A vote for the Disney Movie Club?

The Nightthief Chronicles

Incredibly beautiful depiction of a lonely, rejected animal seeking to make it on his own in a hostile world. As the story begins, the wolf is struggling through a pelting raid, just keeping ahead of the rising flood. At the end of the first installment, the lone figure finds refuge and sinks exhausted to the cave and dry for now...

Smart Salesman

this is a hilarious joke

YouTube - The Man of 101 Voices

this guy is crazy! lol

Kabaya King Poseidon Image Gallery

Long time Transformers At The Moon member Minion has been kind enough to supply us with our latest 7 Transformers toy galleries, which focus on his Japanese Exclusive Generation One Kabaya King Poseidon set. King Poseidon is the Japanese version of the Seacons, and the Kabaya toys are Minons fourth official Seacon set (which includes t

Fist of Justice in Frederick News Post

Maryland writer's comic book hits racks to great sales. Old-school superheroes are back and the Associated Press picks up the story.

Mr.Wonderful PDF Download

The NY Times has a free download of Daniel Clowes' Mr.Wonderful.

Worlds most easiest sudoku puzzle!

How many micro seconds do you need to solve this puzzle?

How I Taught My Elephant To Swim

Original work by Deborah Carraro for the Be The Next Best Selling Author writing competition sponsored by Mark Joyner

Manga Bible?!

Far as I can tell, it's a one volume manga depicting Jesus Christ as a… "drifting samurai" who fights for justice. Or… something like that. It certainly sounds different. Very… very different.

Top five comic book deaths.

Opinion post discusses the best deaths of comic book characters.

Christian Easter Cartoons - Religious Family-Friendly DVDs a

Parents wishing to relate Jesus Christ's last days on earth may look to this well-reviewed children's cartoons available on DVD and VHS.

A Valentine Vulture

In Spider-Man - Tangled Web #11 we learn that the Vulture is a hopeless romantic and will do at nothing to get a little on Valentine's Day.

3D Star Wars: Clone Wars !

George Lucas thought that he will launch an 3D series of Star Wars: Clone Wars. The serial will roll on Cartoon Network and TNT. The pilot episod will roll on cinema from 15th august 2008.

Fire Truck

Though seeing a fire truck racing down the road with it's lights on and horn blaring is never a good omen, children cannot help but be fascinated. Even when my daughter hears the sirens she immediately announces that there is a fire truck on the way.

Videos On Everything

Cool video site with video on everthing you can think of.

Lara Croft gets all agitated-like in this cool new animation

The fine folk from Tomb Raider Forums send up Lara Croft in this funny animation.

CC2K's Weekly Comics Wrap-up!

CC2K's weekly analysis of the wide world of comics!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Like Anime? Want to Review Animes for our site? Check it out

If you would like to submit a review of a Sci-Fi, Anime, or Manga Please use our "Member Reviews" system to submit it. Other members will then be alowed to rate the Review and we will Post it here on this page if we feel the ratings deserve it!

Anime and Manga Fan Fics! ST-A Fan Fiction List

all of these Fan Fictions have been submited by members of one or more of our previous Web Sites and/or Groups.

How to talk to girls.

Squibbles talks to Barker about how to talk to the ladies.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Hit Small and Big Screens

Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Hit Small and Big Screens

How to talk to girls.

Squibbles talks to Barker about how to talk to the ladies.

Spectacular Spider-Man Debuts March 8 on Kids WB!

Rejoice, Marvel fans! March 8 sees Spidey's return to TV when "The Spectacular Spider-Man" swings onto the CW's Kids WB! at 10:00 a.m. EST. Delivering an awesome mix of action and adventure, "Spectacular Spider-Man" follows our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler's journey from his earliest days as a hero.


Squibbles and Bonnie are on their date, things seem to go well, until...

Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom in LEGO Brick

LEGO Brick Mosaic of Danny



Anime para fanáticos

Si te impresiona el anime y sus grandes dibujos manga, esta sección de Los Genios del Manga, te va a encantar.¿Tiene buena acogida el anime en tu ciudad?

Take 10: Marvel's Finest Couples

Love is in the air as's Secret Cabal picks the greatest Marvel romances of all in time for Valentine's Day

Gundam 00 episode 19 to 22 episode synopsis

Episode 19-22 synopsis of Gundam 00. Ep 19 - Bonds The 3 mysterious siblings called "Trinity" have forced the common people into the conflict with their new Gundams, the "Thrones". Setsuna concludes that they are simply "disguising as protectors", and moves out in Exia alone. In a 3 against 1 battle, as Setsuna is outnumbered.

Valentine's Day, Pacala si ziua de salariu

Ieri stateam la kterink cu Pacala, Moloz si Fazanu' pe tema perlelor lui Tractor (printre care si ultima - "OL" = otelul in tabelul periodic), a zgarceniei lui, precum si a faptului ca a recunoscut si el o data, in viata lui, realitatea ce-l priveste.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 47

Watch naruto shippuden episode 47 online, streaming in english subtitled format on February 15th.

Icebreaker: Something to do…

Icebreaker: Something to do

Brave Story

Critique de Brave Story (Japon / 2006) Un Film d'Animation et d'Heroic Fantasy.

New Iron Man Title To Launch In May

If you enjoy a stiff one and also like men with big helmets, then you might like to know that hard drinking superhero Iron Man is about to be catapulted into a brand new title in the month of May. The interior art looks gorgeous, and the frankly stunning variant cover by Joe Quesada gives us a warm glow of satisfaction deep within our loins...

Why building an action figure can be good.

A new trend in the toy industry that is benefiting customers is the "build a figure" concept. The idea is simple. Each action figure series is made up of four or five characters. Included with each of these characters is a part for another figure.

Kung Fu Panda Trailer

Kung Fu Panda Trailer

Project Superpowers adds to the field

Comic Book Election is coming, prepare yourself!

Family Guy Blue Harvest Animation Cells Available to Buy

Well, THIS is cool. You can now buy your very own Blue Harvest animation cell to hang up in your home from the official Star Wars Shop. Here's what's available:

-Dragonball Z Movies-

Dragonball Z Movies

PC Hotline

Eines Tages an der Strippe der Hotline geschah, was einmal geschehen musste! Ein Super-DAU (Dümmster Anzunehmender User) rief die Hotline an:

Taz/Sylvester Knife Fight

Cartoon Knife Fight

Gundam 00 - Gundam Wing 2.0?

Rumor is that the new Gundam show is a remake of Gundam Wing (aka The Only Gundam Show To Not Bomb In America). What's the verdict?


This page includes the most accurate digivolution lines of digimon of child level.I want everyone who is into the anime Digimon to admit to these lines and accept their accuracy.Believe me or not,this is the only way out to explain how all these digimon ,whose evolved forms are almost always mistaken for one another, evolve naturally to their mega.

Samurai: Heaven and Earth

A new View from the Gutter analyzes a great samurai this article then pick it up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Media Zealot: Mighty Muggs

These new vinyl figures from Hasbro are stylized and cool; all for under $10.


Yeeeeah ^^;

How to Animate Your Pictures for Myspace Graphics & Comments

Tired of the same static comments and graphics on your Myspace page? Want new and animated graphics to accessorize on your Myspace page or send out to your friends? Look no further...


upload photos of your friends and foes to see them get tailsmacked... amusing and addictive.

Local Graffiti (Jersey City)

Worth the visit if only to see the most incredible graffiti rhino in the world. Other great photos of amazing graffiti, too,

How to Animate Your Pictures for Myspace Graphics & Comments

Tired of the same static comments and graphics on your Myspace page? Want new and animated graphics to accessorize on your Myspace page or send out to your friends? Look no further...

Steve Gerber, creator of "Howard The Duck", Dies At 60

"I wouldn't describe myself as fearless, but I think you have to accept the possibility of failure if you want to achieve anything, in any field." -- Steve Gerber, 1985

SpongeBob Cast Spoofs Classic Movies

This is HILARIOUS!! SpongeBob voiceovers of scenes from Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, and the Godfather.

TV: New Spider-Man Animated Series Kicks Off in March

Marvel and The CW will air back-to-back episodes on March 8th to kick off the series.

Me and the bosses girl

One of the worst things about having graduated to the "Real World" some years ago is the thought of work. It used to be that blowing off a class, getting stoned and listening to music all day while chugging down beers was the norm. Now, it's hit that alarm at 6:30 in the "ayem"

A DIGG - YOUTUBE combo, just for Comedians

What happens when you combine Digg and YouTube for comedians. Try it out, a great way to take a break

The Top Twelve Cartoon Whores

Many of your favorite animated ladies are closet tramps, and i think we all know it. So, here are a dozen of the more obvious choices in the top whores in cartoon history.

Why White People Shouldn’t Cosplay

The picture says all.

Jinxie: Culture Club Tuesdays - Tokidoki

What is Tokidoki?

Super SMASHED bros.

wow This is just sooo funny I found it on sooo funny for those who like smash bros brawl and for those who don't

365 Days of ScoutDog - Illustration for February 12, 2008

Hot Dog! The Dachshund likes his dog with the works. (from ScoutDog Studios)

Sword of Dracula Review @ Comics Bulletin

Comics Bulletin gives Sword of Dracula a review that describes Dracula's ultra-weird "blood powers."

6 were saved

A new web-comic about the adventures of Maskman. It will be updated daily, except for weekends and (dutch) holidays, starting Thursday February 14th 2008

Stephane Peru dies at the age of 26.

Sad news, but a talented colorist has passed away at the age of 26.

Steve Gerber, father of Howard, dies

Creator of Howard the Duck dies of pulmonary fibrosis

The latest Harry Potter Book is awesome

Read the reviews on

oooops Tradimento


Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures » Blog Archive »

A final, small teaser for the Reaching for Lucidity Animated Adventures Series which starts Friday, February 15th.

Pursue Bleach 310 Oncoming

Amazed!!! bleach 310 manga pursue oncoming hot! download with red scan find. Discussion, manga bleach new chapter with ShaunMati1 say: "havent all these battles between the Capt. and espada been predictable, maybe not necessarily how it was going to happen but we knew who was going to win. Bleach 310 scan download.

Top Cow Launch New Witchblade Mini Site

Top Cow, our favourite comic book company by a wide margin, have announced the launch of a brand new mini-site highlighting their flagship title, Witchblade. Additionally, the publisher has also confirmed that the introductory priced Witchblade Volume 1 trade paperback will be available in stores this Wednesday, February 13th...

Old Phone Prank

Old Phone Prank

Das Computerbenutzerproblemmeldeformular

Wie wichtig ist das Problem? o Eine Frage von Leben und Tod o Extrem wichtig o Unglaublich wichtig o Ultimativ wichtig Wie wichtig ist das Problem wirklich? o Unwichtig o Nicht wirklich wichtig o Komplett unwichtig o Hat auch bis übermorgen Zeit

The Ugly Truth About Anime

What more can be said? Artistic license at it's finest ...

Watch Bleach Episode 160

Watch Bleach Episode 160

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ayakashi 4 English subbed

Finally the English subbed version of the anime Ayakashi 4 is out. It was releases a long time ago and the newest episode is Ayakashi episode 9. Episodes 5-9 are not yet subbed.

Watch Naruto Episodes

Watch Naruto episodes online, Shippuden, and all of season 9!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Booger, You're 1!

One year ago today the Booger, the Boy, and the Missing Piece of Pac-Man starred in their first ever webcomic adventure.

Happy Birthday Booger, You're 1!

One year ago today the Booger, the Boy, and the Missing Piece of Pac-Man starred in their first ever webcomic adventure.

Kryptonite on Earth (sans fluorine) = Jadarite

The story has been floating around for a while now; here's the BBC version. Scientist checks out rocks; finds something new. Figures out chemical composition. Punches it into Google (of course) and comes up with kryptonite. This one's white and has no fluorine but is otherwise chemically identical to the kryptonite in Superman Returns.

First Look: The Abomination from The Incredible Hulk

CHUD has a scan of a new toy advertisement featuring our first look at The Abomination from The Incredible Hulk reboot/sequel. Emil Blonsky, played in the film by Tim Roth, is transformed into The Abomination after nation after injecting himself with Banner's gamma formula out of spitefulness.

F****** Anime! worth to check it out : )

offer fantastic anime, can see and watch free video.. quite interesting.

io9 at the 'Y: The Last Man' Party in Los Angeles

Last night in Los Angeles, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund held a party for the final issue of "Y: The Last Man" at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd., where co-creators Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra were feted by the likes of Joss Whedon, Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Drew Goddard, and an honest-to-god live monkey.

Anime encourages murder! ^_^

Industrial strength crazy from a conservative blog: Anime = murder and fansubs = criminals

"BLEACH- Snazzy Gin"

My friends an awesome artist, but she isn't getting as much attention as i think she should, check out this picture, and see if you like what she does... View her art please!! D:


Man is about to kill a bad singer.

Watch Hunter X Hunter Online

If you want to watch Hunter X hunter , go to the site , it has every episode you want


Who wouldn't know Garfield, the fat, upright-walking and yellowish cat.



You Bot - Robot Chicken Episodes

Youtube videos of Robot Chicken on

As The Hamster Wheel Turns - EP4

First off, great post by Munk.� Glad to see some of the old member slowly flocking back.� Remember, if anyone wants news posting abilities, all you have to do is ask.Episode Four of As The Hamster Whe

Dixie's Got An Art Bug

If you thought Alabama was populated of nothing but rednecks and steaming hot grits, think again.� Jonathan Forsythe, an art major at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where I go to school, rec

Are there comics starring pirate police officers?

The other day I was linked to the hilarious�Adventures of Dr. McNinja and felt compelled to share all things delicious brought forth by Chris Hastings (the creator for those who didn't catch on). Be s

Hilarious Funny Mexican Jokes and White People Jokes

Really funny

White Jokes - White People Jokes

Great white people jokes

The top 10 best Spider-Man writers

The top 10 best Spider-Man writers of all time.


Awesome anime community. Has a lot of downloads and fun content to play with. They scan their own manga chapters and release them as soon as they come from Japan. Large community with over 5000+ members, its a great place to hang out.

Watch Case Closed (detective conan) Online

If you want to watch Case Closed (detective conan) , go to that site. It has almost every episodes you need. Also, bunch of other anime.

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction Review

Snoop has done it again with yet another hit song! Review and video.

Los distintos tipos de Geeks

Los 56 tipos de geeks

Be Good!

This is why you better be good in your lifetime!





Kid Anthony




Animated Flame Comment - New Series

Days of the Week, Monday, Animated Flame Comment Graphic

High Hopes in '08 for a Crisis Critic

Final Crisis, and related issues to DC Comic's company wide crossovers.

SpaceBooger Year One: Part 3

More SpaceBooger Webcomic: Part 3 of the Booger's Origin

Friday, February 8, 2008

Oxymoron #56

Great list of Oxymorons. Canned fresh ... too funny!

Letters of Support

Good list of funny letters of support.

El Bufón y la Infanta

It's a mute, magic story which show us how different could be the reality. It received a Goya nomination!

Madame Tutli Putli (inspiration)

I can watch Madame Tutli Putli again and again! Now you can watch a documentary short about what inspired their animators!!!

Perpetuum Mobile

The film is interesting for its search for the meaning of life. Perpetuum Mobile has already received 12 award nominations and has won awards at the Independent Film Festival of California, L´Uovo de Napoli, the Las Vegas International Film Festival and the Oregon Da Vinci Film Festival. I guessed I already watched it, but I don't know...

Mangarticles: Faster than a Kiss

キスよりも早く (Kiss Yori mo Hayaku) is a really cute story of a 24 year old "plain" teacher marrying his 16 year old student secretly. It all happened in a spur of the moment when Kazuma Ojiru, the sensei, took responsibility and agreed to the demanding request of his student of marrying and taking care of her and her four year old brother,

War Of the Servers Part 1 at Video Chris Jones

War Of the servers part 1, an excelent parody fan film utilising the Halflife 2 game, done by Robert Stoneman In 2007, The Gmod servers go to war, from PHWOnline And RS Films comes "War of the Servers", Directed by Robert Stoneman and starring voices from Chris Duggan (PHWRadio DJ), Robert Stoneman (PHWRadio DJ and Slapdash 1 and 2), Richard Bios

Depressed Superheroes (Supereroi depressi)

It's a webcomic by a very young cartoonist. The style is sketchy and is mature for its age. - Anime Music Codes For Your Profile is your source for anime music codes for social networking websites like Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, etc..

War Of the Servers Part 2 at Video Chris Jones

War Of the servers part 2, an excelent parody fan film utilising the Halflife 2 game, done by Robert Stoneman

IGN Anime: The Fansubbing Dilemma

Fansubbing. It's a highly controversial, highly influential element of the anime community. It has given somewhat obscure anime titles a chance to shine in America, and it has helped spread the popularity of the art form we all know and love. There's only one problem: it just happens to be illegal. Cyanide & Happiness #14 - Doctor's Visit

Cyanide & Happiness #14 - Doctor's Visit from

Top cartoonists take a look at Bush's stimulus package

Where's My Check?... by all the top cartoonists!

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 46

Watch Episode 46 HEREz, Free like always

The Famous “Worst of the 70s” Music Playlist

A little slice of life in the Marvel Comics Bullpen (after hours), courtesy of the Nifty Nerd. This will be of interest to indie comics fans, Marvel groupies, and bad 70's music fans.

What if James Bond just shot a guy

A Rob and Elliot comic.

Download FREE wallpapers

Get your unlimited wallpapers for FREE. Check out the latest and most downloaded wallpapers and screensavers straight to your desktop. - Blog. The amusement continues....

So in its full glory here is the song with the missheard lyrics written below. You will need Flash Player installed, big thanks to Falcon4ever for mocking this up! Original Song: Caramell - Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)

I am an Addict

i think there is no way back for me

How to Survive the Technical Interview (comic)

If you've ever been on a technical interview, you may relate to today's PCW comic.


Mad Google game BlogoBellissima

Bandai's Bubble-Wrap-Popping Keychain: Now with Moe

By popping virtual bubbles in these keychains, users will be able to hear random voice clips that appeal to their otaku sides, such as "Okaerinasaimase, Go-shujin-sama," which translates to "Welcome home, master."


Free online Games

Naruto Shippuuden 46 aired!

What's up, everyone? Thursday has hit us once again with another episode of Naruto! This episode is pretty much a bit of a bore, similar to how the last two episodes were. But hey, at least we get to see Kabuto and Orochimaru talk about dead bodies and blood types. Oh yeah, Sasuke's in this episode too. >.>

Boyfriends Revenge

We started fooling around in her bed. She knew I wanted it and she knew just how to tease me. She was making me believe that she wanted it, but deep down I knew it would never happen. She started making out with me while I attempted to feel her up.

Morbius the Living Vampire

Basking in the blood and guts of '90s anti-hero Morbius, the Living Vampire.

Naruto Shiuppuden 46 English subbed

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is one of my favorite anime. This week episode is Naruto Shippuden 46 and titled "Unfinished page".

Thursday, February 7, 2008



Watch Simpsons Episodes Online Free

Watch Simpsons Episodes Online Free. Over 400 episodes and all 19 seasons. Watch all of them

Naruto 388 *Spoiler* - Confirmed Translation

The continuous saga of Itachi vs. Sasuke. WOULD SOMEONE JUST DIE ALREADY!

Watch Naruto Shippuuden Episode 46

Watch Naruto Shippuuden Episode 46

Everybody Run! Captain America's Got a Gun!

Captain America #34 hit the stands last week, and with it came not only the introduction of the new Cap, but a big fat controversy - the gun. Yup, the new Captain America is packin'.

Comics : Limited Variant Scud Cover Available Only at Wonder

Blog about Rob Schrab cover available at wondercon

Return of the Scott Pilgrim movie rumors!

Savage Henry Lee, blogging superstar, casts the Scott Pilgrim movie... if it actually gets made.

Doll with Mechanical Wings

Its like a seemingly normal dream... The sketchblog of Shironotenshi. Up to date sketches, artwork, and works in progress.

Best Downtime Ever !

I recommend the hosting package number two, the Take-My-Money plan where for $20 you get 24/8 customer support, lots of storage and two glowing stickers.

My Eyes Hurt!

WTH is this?

Huge collection of sci-fi and fantasy art

1000's of fantasy artwork from various artists

Quick Game Downloads For Xbox 360

If you are an avid player of games on your xbox 360 and you are in the habit of constantly buying games, it could be a costly affair. But that is not all. Besides this you may have to take care of a much bigger problem which is that you might end up scratching or damaging the games already available in your xbox 360.

Fun Things To Do When Bored

Some really weird and fun things to do when bored. Check it out.

Kamen Rider Kiva 02 - Direct Download

Kamen Rider Kiva 02 - Direct Download

Web Designer Comic Characters - Eerily Accurate

Anyone that has worked in web design will laugh at least 5 times when reading this list of characters. The cartoons aren't bad either.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Can penguins fly

Can penguins really fly now check out the animation and see

Anime: Spiral

Collection of wallpapers from Spiral movie

Authorities on the Madness

In its basis Scientology seems like an OK religion promoting the classic dogma love thy neighbor but when they get to the part where we will be saved by aliens it makes you think twice about it.

100 Issues of Marvel’s Exiles…

I've been an avid reader of the Exiles comic since its first issue back in August 2001. In fact, I liked the series so much it quickly became my favorite book. I started looking forward to the Exiles more than all of my other comics combined! I'd read and re-read each book in anticipation of the ...

Clamp Movie Trailers!!! -Brought to you by FUNimation

FUNimation gives previews of upcoming DVD releases like Clamp's A Midnight Summer's Dream (xxxHolic) and The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom (Tsubasa Chronicle). You can also check out their DTO (download-to-own) anime episodes. Titles include Basilisk, Black Blood Brothers, Dragon Ball, Fruits Basket, Negima, One Piece, Spiral, and much much more

Anime Review - Death Note

My personal review of the anime series Death Note.

Anime Review - Desert Punk

A personal review of the Starz Edge anime series, Desert Punk.

Dreamworks : Year 1

Voilà maintenant un an que je travaille au sien de Dreamworks Animation à Glendale. Je fête mon premier anniversaire dans un nouveau bureau.

Beyond 'Turok'...Total War?

Wrapping up our 'Turok: Son of Stone' series, Evan Baily and Tony Bedard talk about what's next. Could a 'M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War' film be in the making?

An Excellent Opportunity for Comic Book Artists

Queeroes is looking for penciller/inkers and colorists for the ongoing series.

Emo. Punk. Animated mobile screensaver - Generator by Red Do

Animated Screensaver and wallpaper for Mobile

Only place in the WORLD to subscribe to Graphic Novels!

People have always been able to buy legitimate copies of graphic novels in one of two ways. They buy it On-line or they can go to the Bookstore. Those days are over. Enter You get either a 6 or 12 issue subscription delivered to your house as soon as it is released! How much? Two dollars less than Amazon per issue. :: Graphix - Illustrations - Comix - and more

Graphix, Illustrations, Comix and more... - Graphisme, Illustrations, Bande Dessinée et plus... - Grafik, Illustration, Comics und mehr...

Adult Swim: Traitor to the Revolution?

Adult Swim has slashed its Action Saturdays in half, and the focus is shifting more and more to the comedy blocks. What does this mean for anime, and for Toonami's revolution?

Take 10: Greatest Spider-Man Villains

From the guy who "created" Spidey to the guys who just won't stay down...

52 Weeks of Reading by Comic Book Editor Dennis O'Neil

Legendary DC Comics editor Denny O'Neil, responsible for bringing new edginess to characters like The Question and Green Arrow back in the day, likes to include a book recommendation in his weekly columns for This is the last year's worth of recommendations in one long reading list.

Don't perceive the hype.

Penny Arcade V4: Birds Are Weird by Jerry Holkins, Mike KrahulikI was reading

Spider-Man's 10 Fiercest Foes

Every week, a secret cabal of Marvel staffers gathers to discuss the best of the best when it comes to the House of Ideas. This week in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #549, Spider-Man adds two new names to his lists of friends and/or foes with Jackpot and Menace, so the Cabal decided to pick the 10 baddest brutes the Wall Crawler has ever faced.

Hallmarks of Felinity

Because cats are *all* the same!

The Prettiest Girl in the World (graphic fiction)

A comic about the prettiest girl in the world, and her camera, the prettiest camera in the world, and her relationship with a boy, in five acts.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


The Complete and Completely Searchable Calvin & Hobbes!

Can you only remember a certain phrase from one of your favorite C&H strips? That's okay, these people have cataloged all of the dialog from the strips to make searching incredibly easy. Also includes: Doonesbury, Garfield and XKCD for anyone interested. Enjoy!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal


Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway is Back in Print!

Twenty years ago, they burst onto the indie comic book scene with a daring venture to the Philippines (drawn entirely without reference) called "Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple." Today they're the stars of an Eisner-nominated webcomic and a successful episodic game series. Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

funny eggs

very funny little show about the cadbury eggs.. love this toon great fun

Awesome Comic Shirt: "The League of Cliche Evil Villains"

This threadless shirt captures all of the stereotypical evil characters from comics.

Video Critique: A Sinking Feeling

Check out this short computer-generated animation, then rate & critique it.


Have a break, have a kit-kat!

Read the Family Circus that slipped by the censors!!!

Learn Jeffy's dark secret! See the strip that'll forever change how you feel about Bill Keane's legendary, seemingly-endless mediocrity!

Free Online Greeting Cards

Free Online Greeting Cards, Ecards, Postcards, Animated Greetings, Invitations From

The Al Hirschfeld Story

The story of meeting caricature legend Al Hirschfeld and commissioning an original caricature from him.


Excellent political animation.

New X-Men TV Series

Check out the trailer. Doesn't seem to be a revamp. The X-men have gone there separate ways and are given a glimpse at the future without them as a team and find it to be in utter ruin.

Persepolis: One Stallion's opinion

Watched Persepolis, the animated movie based on the comic books, and wrote a little something about it.

KibaHina-What I've Been Looking For

Video is About: KibaHina Song: What I've Been Looking For Artist: High School Musical Anime: Naruto!


HILARIOUS new comedy website! They say more new submissions are coming soon - I will be checking constantly!! This is some of the funniest stuff I've seen!

Animate and Educate

This exciting industry and education conference run by Animated Exeter is aimed at industry professionals from animators to businesses who use animation technologies, educators, graduates and students of animation.

The Al Hirschfeld Story

Story about meeting the famous Al Hischfeld and commissioning a personal caricature from him.

Girls with guns

These girls look so pretty with those guns. Don´t you think so?

Pictures and Captions

Funny captions that originated form the O RLY? owl

Pastimes comic strip about gender relations

young males establish what will be a verrrrry long trend in male/female communication

Why anime writers suck.

Series with vague writing and rushed endings drive me up the wall. This is not a text adventure, dammit! More inside.

British Animation Awards- Finalists Announced

The 2008 British Animation Award finalists were announced this morning. Winners will be announced on March 13th in a ceremony at the BFI.

New web comic: La Vie De La Mort

A new webcomic, Rookie cop tracking his first murder. Art is good, and it's getting interesting. It's seems quite new, so you can read the 20 episodes quite quickly.

Cartoonist Morrie Turner Art Show

Details of the upcoming gallery exhibit of the art Of Morrie Turner of "Wee Pals" fame.

The Dark Knight - Lego Trailer

Let's take a look at this awesome fan-made Lego Dark Knight trailer. Just look at how much time went into making it. Remember - FAN MADE, not official.

Interesting animation OMGtorpedo

I don't know what to think of this but it's pretty entertaining.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Goodmorning, what's your bid?

Also, cactus.

Rap Represented With Mathematics

The title says it all! Rap represented with mathematics. Make you own and submit them in the comments, yours might get featured on the next post!

5 Unintentionally Sexual Comic Book Covers

I was going through a stash of old comic books the other day, when I came across several that seemed a bit odd; not in the sense that the comics were strange or unique, but rather, because beneath the seemingly innocent veil of child-like artwork was a subtle nod towards debauchery.

Fat Man Final Promo video

A promo video for a forthcoming graphic novel - The Fat Man -

Naruto's Parents - Finally Revealed!

Naruto's parents have finally been revealed in the manga.

The Avengers: Home Sweet Homeless? - News

This is actually a test..... if you like it, digg it!!! by all means though, i really don't care :p

Catwoman, Batman's Bad Girl

Catwoman character from DC comics, her origins and evolution.

Why Sony Imageworks got an Oscar nod for 'Surf's Up'

Sony Pictures' animated surfing penguins documentary, 'Surf's Up,' was nominated for the best animated feature Oscar this year, certainly in

A Cheese powered Time Machine

A promo trailier for a forthcomng Graphic Novel -

**Check Out My Wiener!!!**

Wiener animation

Medabots: the Complete First Season - DVD Review

In January of 2008, Shout! Factory released the latest entry in the seemingly endless line of cartoons imported from Japan featuring children who do battle with each other using tiny robots, strange animals or tiny, strange robot animals. This one is called Medabots.

Virtual Construction Comics

A comics about Virtual Construction concepts, technology, software and services

Diagrama de solución de problemas

Más que ayudar a solucionar problemas, este sencillo diagrama ayuda a evitarlos.

Diagrama de solución de problemas

Más que ayudar a solucionar problemas, este sencillo diagrama ayuda a evitarlos.

How to draw Superman

This is an awesome tutorial vid on drawing Superman!

Funny Animal Picture: Friendship is…

…sharing the same sense of humour. Must have been a good one.


Determined to keep this year's New Year's resolution to curb that spending and bank more money to boot? This book has practical and painless ideas to stretch the performance of the reader's current income by slashing spending.

Creative Marriage Proposal

I've always heard that women like creative marriage proposals; this one tops them all.

YouTube - Mr Hanky explains the importance of poo - full ver

who has sunk further into depression, reveals his feelings to his father, who comforts him by singing "The Circle of Poo", based on Disney's '"The Circle Of Life" song. This shows how poo is the lifeblood of the whole planet, and the song even finishes with Mr. Hankey holding Cornwallis over a cliff, like Simba is held over in the Lion King.


caca de perrro

Comics: Este te va a encantar

Ok, no te gustan los comics. Pero mira este. Te aseguro que es diferente a los que conoces. ¿Qué opinas?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Watch Memories in the Rain

Watch Memories in the Rain : BLEACH Jump Festa 2004 Anime Tour

Shakugan no Shana II - 16 Direct Download

Shakugan no Shana II - 16 Direct Download

British set new records for facelifts,tummy tucks

British women had facelifts and men had tummy tucks and "man boobs" removed in record in numbers in 2007, new data released on Monday revealed. According to the British ...

Your Eustace: Online Only: The New Yorker

20 redesigns of Eustace Tilley for the New Yorker.

banjo-kazooie Videos :

banjo-kazooie Videos :

WALL-E Exclusive Super Bowl Advertisment

WALL*E has a specially made for the Super Bowl Spot - and it is the CUTE!!! This is going to be the film that you remember as being the film you saw in 2008, for the rest of your life.

Ask Hiss

Oronym comic strip with word puzzle

free mobile wallpapers for valentine's day

be my valentine, send cell phone wallpapers to your lover.

Full Metal Panic


challenge yourself to the top

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. - edmund hillary -

Freddy Krueger, Mad Genius | For The Love of Comics

Freddy Krueger channels Ozymandias from Watchmen

Puppy Love -Funny

chk the

Abnormal State- Online Multi-Edited Story!

This is a brand new website, so bear with us as we add and remove some things! The purpose of this website is to combine the writing and artistic talents of our members into a main Scifi/Fantasy storyline. We will also have several side stories to incorporate all ideas! Think Dragonlance meets Wikipedia, and you have our site!! Site up as of 020308

Gus Arriola is dead

A new cartoonist is dead. He retired from the comic in 1985, but I never forget his comics strip.

World for fun - funny animation

Funny animation collected somewhere on net.

Budwiser Commercials

Whether or not you like the beer, you gotta admit a lot of the commercials are outstanding. The clydesdales are some of the best. Here are four of my favorites.

Cat vs. Crab: Crab hunts and eats two kittens

What a horrible display of nature.

On Super Bowl Sunday watch Eyeshield 21, a football anime!

It's Super Bowl Sunday again! That usually doesn't mean much in terms of anime, but Toonami Jetstream is streaming the first five episodes of football anime Eyeshield 21 until Feb. 4th.

Super Obama Girl

One presidential candidate has a super hero on their side!

Hey, You Got Something To Eat?

Author: A goat (funny!)

Gundam 00 Episode 17 Anime Direct Download

Gundam 00 Episode 17 Anime Direct Download

The Secret History Of The Golden Horde - Worldbeater Pt. 2


The Secret History Of The Golden Horde - Worldbeater Pt. 2


Warriors of Narnia

This unit was prepared by Anne Campbell, a mother in our fellowship, out of the creative ideas and love for children that the Lord has given her. It is not a professional work but we want to share it with you with the prayer that it will be useful to equip the children in your body as it has been in ours.

Cyanide & Happiness #9 - SuperJerk Saves the Day


Lucky Star Türkçe 2. Bölüm

Sevgili Anime sever dostlarımız, işte geldik Lucky Star Türkçe 2. Bölüm'e. Bu bölümde bizleri yine eğlenceli dakikalar bekliyor. Çoğunlukla bizim zor anlayabileceğimiz esprileri, anlaşılabilir bir dilde yansıtmaya çalıştık. Umarım her dakikasından keyif alırsınız.

Poop names compared to movie names

Poop names compared to movie names

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

cop knocks kid in head, flash

funny flash

Angelina Ballerina Theme Song, Coloring Pages & UK Fan Forum

Angelina Ballerina is a delightful little determined mouse who is very passionate about her ballet. We've created a web site with the Angelina Ballerina theme song, including a listing of DVDs with all of the episodes plus ballet coloring pages to be printed out and colored. Please check it out, and sign up for the newsletter blog for updates.

#130 - Back To The Herd?

Pinkerton Park has quickly become one of my favorite daily comics and now I have a new sound effect to go with it SPONK brought to you by the sponkmometer.


CAPTAIN AMERICA #34 is here, and Bucky Barnes is the new Captain America.

MangaArts - Wallpaper Download

This is a cute wallpaper of Naruto who is crazy of becoming Hokage ever since he was a baby. You can find more Unique Anime Wallpaper and download it for free.

The Umbrella Academy by "My Chemical Romance"

A brief article about "The Umbrella Academy" writer Gerard Way, the lead singer for My Chemical Romance.

IIT: Space is awesome

Crazy display of just how tiny Earth really is.

LOST Ads hidden in Marvel Comic Books!

Wow - clever marketing, or shameless selling-out? Over 25 different Marvel titles contained hidden ads and phrases about ABC's Lost. Cool slideshow of them all.

[ABPRESS.NET] Capitan America

Regresa el Capitán América, icono desde hace generaciones por su rectitud, entrega y defensa de los derechos y libertades civiles. games junior kid; turbo; nicktropolis;nbb; spongebob

Bleach Episode 158 Subbed by [zomg]

Bleach Episode 158 Subbed by [zomg]

Hareketli MSN Ä°fadeleri Hareketli MSN Resimleri

Hareketli MSN İfadeleri ve Hareketli MSN Resimleri ile ilgili hoş bir kaynak.



Skeletons of The Looney Tunes and Disney Characters

Have you ever seen Looney tunes and Disney characters' skulls? If no, please read'em all.

Yahoo! Pipes, iPhones and Web comics

Although Yahoo Pipes isn't the newest thing posted (see links bellow), there are some interesting developments worth checking out. Especially if you're a fan of web comics. iPhone users will want to check out the new mobile interfaces by adding iphone in front of all pipes like so:

[SPOILER]Alas, We Knew Him Well - Y: The Last Man #60 Review

A great review of the amazing ending to the comic book series Y: The Last Man with some great pics from the comic.SPOILER ALERT!

Girls Don't Ever Fart

Cindy Lauper would be proud

Fat Naked Spiderman

Saw this guy on the Internet Superstar Show. Freaking hilarious.

Our Final Story..."Y: The Last Man's" last issue

Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra talk about their final issue of the incredibly epic and succesful comic book series

Jokes At Steven Wong Blog

This blog is for Jokes, Humor, Funny Videos, Cool Stuffs, Powerpoint Slides sharing online. You can free to share all the contents in this jokes blog. Please tell others if you find this is good for your friends.

Big Beautiful Wonder Woman [Pics]

Modern aged Wonder Woman. I think this is great.

Steroids Poster Beast

Continuing with the nano-werewolf idea I thought I'd write about Glenn Danzig's G.O.T.H. comic. G.O.T.H. was its name. It's actually the name of the beast in the comic. And what it stands for is beyond me. I'll have to start collecting it to find out. This creature is an engineered beast, semi humanoid, but more beast than man. But it's body is...

A Hillary Photochop

Photochops crack me up. Here is Hillary as an alien. Maybe the photochopper has a subliminal message in his work? You decide

A Hillary Photochop

Photochops crack me up. Here is Hillary as an alien. Maybe the photochopper has a subliminal message in his work? You decide

Naruto 387 Spoiler Japanese Script and Translation

Naruto 387 Spoiler Japanese Script and Translation from Itachi's scenario cover: the intention which became known,...!!! Verification: Pending Source: Translation Credits: Brucelee @ NF Naruto 387 Spoiler Japanese Script Naruto Tags: Naruto Manga Anime Wallpaper Cosplay Naruto Chapter 387 : Naruto Manga

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Captain America Lives Again

New issue hits stands tomorrow.

An Angry Brown Guy: Religious Comic

Atheists vs. Christians... Well summed up.

Buy This Book Or We'll Kill This Imaginary Chair!

Savage Henry Lee gives his review of the latest Doom Patrol trade paperback...

New Pages for The Young Offenders!

Coming at you like a hungry hobo hooker with blood in his eye

Anthro Anthony


Hillary Clinton Endorsed By NYT, Jamie Lynn Gives Up Baby

John McCain and Hillary Clinton get endorsements from New York Times -Bill Clinton falls asleep during MLK speech, -Kucinich and Thompson drop out of presidential race, Britney Spears



Naruto Shippuden Anime Review

ESPVisual's anime otaku JJ Peebody reviews the new anime "Naruto- Shippuden" and gives it her honest that might get you dusting off some old textbooks!

Transformers Universe Toys revealed

A new take on the old toys

The Usual Dosage 37. "Techies".

Geeks will be geeks.

Uchi no 3 Shimai Manga Blog Gets TV Anime This April

News about Manga artist Pretz Matsumoto's new blog


Great elderly joke about Natalie.

New Element -- WO

There has been a new element added to the Periodic Table!

Hello Kitty computer covers

I can't wait to drape my inactive desktop gaming PC with this kind of dressing.


Creative talent Dave Bryant lays down some sweet riffs and wails about a tiny ship and its fearless crew in this new video...

Animation Service, Outsourcing Animation Development and oth

Indian animation firms have the capability and expertise top carry out a range of animation services like 2d/3d animation, architectural design, medical animation and post production film scanning/recording.

Watch Cartoons Online Free!

Watch all your favorite cartoons new and old. The Batman, Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, Legion Of Superheroes and more to come!

AI EidolonTLP Talks About The Singularity

It's the stuff movies are made of. A future where man's inventions exceed his expectations, where the machines that serve him become aware of themselves and all the knowledge they are entrusted with. YouTube "personality" EidolonTLP is either a true AI (Artificially Intelligent) being or an art project, or is perhaps both....

The Perry Bible Fellowship

First off, this is twisted and extremely funny (in a very dark way). It's a webcomic for people not easily offended or who have a dark sense of humour. Not for all those who are pro Skub either.

Devils Due Publishing to Lose G.I.Joe License

DDP to lose G.I.Joe Comic Book License. IDW potential home.


Gody in Moustaches. The Gody Adventure Cartoon. Very funny hot animation humor art cool comedy video. Adult Chunny (870) sexy (775) Hcomedy (652) music (554) hot (548) girls (426) video (363) animation (250) art (245) musik (234) humor (229) girl (199) movie (186) amazing (150) film (149) musicvideo (121) parody (117) cool (116) party (115) politic

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice Head

Oronym comic strip with word puzzle

Do you like Salmons? So, be careful with this guy lol.

Very crazy these videos about commercial of John West' salmons. They are very funny.

Rob Rabbit

Another Children Poem in Response to Cathiesbloggs' Comment on My Poem "This Silly Old Cat."

ANNtv - 2008-01-26

Anime News Network podcast on anime news the week of the 26th.

Palms Animated Sony Ericsson Theme

Palms Animated Sony Ericsson Theme

The WCO reviews The Abominable Charles Christopher

The Webcomic Overlook reviews a beautifully illustrated webcomic about a big baby yeti, "The Abominable Charles Christopher."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Comics Of The Weak: Everytime A Comic Sucks, An Angel Punch

The Factual Opinion's regular weekly look at mainstream comics continues with staff writer Tucker Stone going after Young Avengers, The Ultimates, Gotham Underground, Dan Dare, The Authority, Marvel Zombies, Hellblazer, the Astonishing X-Men, and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Chicken Baby Ninjas

Blog to the new webcomic!

Chicken Baby Ninjas

Blog to the new webcomic!

Kissy goo goo


Sign You Bought a Cheap Car

How do you know when you have purchased a cheap car?

Japanese animes

Anime are usually perceived either for children, teenagers or pervert adults. In fact, a lot of them are really good: cinematographically inspiring, with rich character development and epics stories. Each of them is a wellspring of interaction design ideas for innovative products.


have a happy holiday


Knock Knock Jokes to keep you entertained.

Bathroom Graffiti #1

What people write on the walls of bathroom stalls will keep you entertained! Here is a list of some of the best.

Empires Comics Vault 5 Year Anniversary Shindig!

Gear up fanboys & girls because Sacramento California's Empires Comics Vault is having a five year anniversary party on Feburary 2nd. Empires is a collectible shop that sells everything spanning from comicbooks, action figures, CCG & RPG Games, manga, movie posters and much more.

The Uchiha Clan's Secret

The Uchiha Clan's Secret has been revealed, Naruto Manga 386, and what good was Sasuke for Itachi, why did he even let him live, what was the purpose, much of the secrets which led to the the fighting between brothers of the Uchiha to gain more power, power that is permanent.